Tips on Caring of Laptop Battery to Stay More Durable and Not Fast Out

May 8, 2017

laptop battery

Caring for laptop components is not so easy but is not so hard too. Yes..  Depending on us how to use and care. One element of the most important laptop component is the battery.

The battery is very needed for those who have high mobility, such as to create tasks, browse while looking for free wifi, or fun for writing. As I do now, batteries are equally rich in components – other elements whose terms have age life. Most laptop battery life ranges from 2 to 4 years.

Even if there is more than that, consider as a bonus. Before I give you tips for taking care of laptop battery so that life can last longer, I want to know some things that sometimes we do not realize can shorten the life of our laptop battery sob. Okay just get started.

1. Excessive use of the laptop.

Laptops are not designed for massive long-term needs such as for graphics, editing, or gameplay. So if you use a laptop for the needs that require a resource bear as before, it will cause high power consumption, and will quickly cause the battery become hot. The effect of its length will also affect regarding storage capacities of the battery itself.

2. Do not let the battery power up to 0%.

Using a laptop to an empty cell can increase the wear level of the battery, and also shorten the life of the laptop itself as the components that were working when the laptop was in use, suddenly die from exhaustion from the battery.

3. Unplug the charger when the power is 100%.

Leaving the laptop on hold in the charger in 100% battery condition is also not good impact on the battery because it can reduce battery life.

Okay, we already know the things that can cause the reduced capacity of our laptop battery power storage. Well entering the main topic, we will discuss how to keep the laptop battery to last and durable, just go.

Tips To Keep Laptop Battery Durable

First, do not put the laptop on the place where the air circulation is bad, e.g., on the mattress, or pillow. This thing causes the laptop battery to overheat.

Second, recharge the laptop when is turned off, until the battery is full.

Third, use a stabilizer to keep the voltage going into the battery stable, this can help avoid the ups and downs of the electricity, which may affect battery performance.

Fourth, do not drain the battery power to 0%, if the battery has a limit immediately charge.

Fifth, do fully discharged regularly, and also not too often, such as once a month.

So that are little tips on taking care of laptop batteries to be durable and not quickly discharged that I can share. Since it has already very late night and already sleepy, I think to end writing this article. Hopefully useful for you.

Top 3 Asus Laptop Starting price is $ 350

April 3, 2017


top asus laptopThe specification of a laptop becomes the most important thing to be studied before you buy a laptop. For the middle class, laptops with Core i3 processor can stay up to perform the maximum performance, such as basic computing to complex needs.

In addition to the processor, RAM size is also an important thing to be considered. Laptop with Core i3 processor and 4GB of RAM would be an appropriate choice to meet your daily needs.

As one of the laptop manufacturers who are active in making various variants of laptops, ASUS also offers the specification of laptop that you want it. And the following 3 ASUS laptops with Core i3 with 4GB of RAM that you must consider.

1). ASUS A455LF-WX159D

Comes with an elegant design, this 14-inch widescreen laptop weights just 2 pounds.As for its lightweight size, ASUS also embed sophisticated technologies into the ASUS A455LF-WX159D, including SonicMaster, Instant On, and Ice Cool.

Of the three technologies, Ice Cool technology is that may have a significant role for a laptop. Because the technology can keep the temperature of the laptop remains cool even if it is used in a long time.

For performance matters, the laptop itself has been powered by the Haswell Intel Core i3 -5005U 2.0 GHz processor accompanied by 4GB of RAM and the Nvidia GeForce GT 930M 2GB which is believed to be the latest graphics card that makes it very reliable for design and gaming.

Also, this laptop is also equipped with an internal storage space or 500GB Hard Drive that allows you to store a variety of files in bulk.

2). ASUS A455LF-WX158D

Not much different from the previous type of laptop, where ASUS A455LF-WX158D also has the third, advanced technology embedded into this laptop. A laptop that carries the screen area of ​​14 “has a resolution level of 1366 x 768 pixels.Screen size is certainly quite and convenient to use.

Regarding performance, ASUS equipped with the Intel Core i3-5005U (2.00 GHz, 3M Cache) as the brain of the laptop. The processor is also accompanied by 4GB of DDR3 RAM. For business graphics, Nvidia GeForce GT930M 2GB is believed as a graphical and visual processing.

As for its storage space, this laptop provides a capacity of 500GB Hard Drive. Looking at all the specifications it has, the ASUS A455LF-WX158D becomes the right laptop to use as a companion to perform a variety of daily computing.

3). ASUS A455LF-WX160D

Not only comes with an elegant design, the laptop that carries the screen area of ​​14 “with a resolution level of 1366 x 768 pixels also has a reliable performance for daily computing with gaming needs.

Speaking of its runway sector, ASUS entrusted the performance of Intel Core i3-5005U processor (2.00 GHz, 3M Cache). To accompany the performance of the processor, ASUS embed 4GB of DDR3 RAM combined with VGA Nvidia GeForce GT930M 2GB.

For its storage media, ASUS A455LF-WX160D equipped with internal storage or Harddisk of 500GB. This engineering laptop itself is priced at the affordable price. Given the specifications, it has quite a performance for a variety of daily computing. Interested in buying it?

Asus A450LDV-WX244D with Core i5 For Engineering Software

March 16, 2017

Asus A450LDV-WX244D laptop

Back again in this holiday season, I will review the latest laptop from Asus manufacturer launched in 2016. The laptop that we will consider this time is Asus A450LDV-WX244D. The laptop is made of aluminum and about the design, this best laptop for engineering students is almost the same as the laptop of its predecessor. Or maybe it can be called the same as the previous laptop. However, the specifications and prices are differentiated. For physical design, to be more clear, please check the picture below.

Regarding performance, the Asus A450LDV-WX244D laptop selects the Intel Core i5-4210U processor as its pacemaker. Intel Core i5 at this time I think is a processor that is ideal for now. This means that the processor is not too behind, so if later appears the output of our new processor as the user is not too behind. This laptop is also supported with 3GB of DDR3 RAM that will complete the speed of your processor, will certainly make the performance of this laptop maximum.

Regarding graphics, Asus A450LDV-WX244D has a 14 “WXGA screen size laptop in general. As well as having a display resolution of 1366 x 768 screen on this laptop has Clear Clear LED SuperView LED Backlight technology, which will provide you with crystal clear graphics and details. Not enough with it, the graphics on this laptop more okay with the added VGA Nvidia GT 820M by 2GB. You no longer need to play HD movies or play HD games because this laptop can handle it. Detailed images, crisp and large resolution will be able to display with a maximum.

With a storage capacity of 500GB is not too big if you use it to store HD data. But if you only use it for data storage every day I think is enough. Have a webcam with sound quality, at least better than other laptops. But unfortunately, this laptop is not equipped with the original OS, aka still empty or DOS. You can add it yourself later. Then let’s see the full specs below.

Specifications of Asus A450LDV-WX244D

Screen Size: 14 “WXGA HD Clear SuperView LED Backlight

Screen Resolution: 1366 x 768

OS: Free DOS

Processor: Intel Core i5-4210U (up to 2.7 GHz)

Memory / RAM: 4GB DDR3

Graphics Card: Nvidia GT 820M (2GB)

Optical Drive: 8x Super Multi-Dual DVD

Speaker: ASUS Sonic Master

Camera: HD WebCam

New Price: $ 550

With Intel i5 core processor and dedicated graphics card, the laptop is capable to run engineering software smoothly. Multitasking can run well on this laptop.

So that we can review the specifications and prices of Asus A450LDV-WX244D. A laptop with about $ 550 is suitable for your use by engineering students. This laptop is also suitable for you who are looking for a laptop with good performance and graphics. It has good battery life too..

The Great Asus Laptops With Intel Core i3

February 5, 2017

asus laptop with intel core i3

Asus Laptop with Core i3, surely you already know that the full name of Core i3 is Intel Core i3. That is, one of the products of the famous Intel company also dominates the market share of the processor in the world. Intel processors are believed to have advantages such as the price is lower and more efficient than its rival AMD. Intel processors are also not quickly heat, at least compared to the competitor.

The Intel Core i3 processor promises a faster computing experience than previous versions. The most recent Intel Core i3 is 7th generation core i3. Intel said that the processor could save your laptop battery. Work done simultaneously or more commonly called multitasking can now work more smoothly. In addition to these two things, Intel also believes that this processor can produce excellent graphics quality.

The rest of the graphics, Intel Core i3 processor, claims that it can provide outstanding graphics experience though without the use of additional VGA cards. Yes, Intel HD Graphics can provide good graphics quality, but also has an affordable price. The most distinct look is when you play a BluRay or HD video and is not lagging. Also, the quality of the image on the video you play will be apparent, and it also depends if your monitor screen supports the display.

In the field of security, Intel has also partnered with the world’s leading anti-virus company McAfee. Which can give you protection as long as the worker with the personal notebook? And in this article, I will list the latest price of Asus Core i3 laptop in October. In the field below are available various kinds of laptop prices with the same processor. You should be smart in choosing a laptop. Customize to your specific needs. Do not let you regret having bought a laptop with too little specifications, or with a high specification.

Well, that’s an article about low Asus laptop price in October 2017. Keep in mind that laptop prices may change at any time. It can be influenced by many factors. Among them is the demand against the supply or the shop vendor’s profile.