Pano Us Plug Electric Mosquitoes Noticeable

The pano us plug electric mosquitoes is a particular mosquito killer for you who want dimensions: 4.7*2.6*1.2 inches and don’t want to spend a lot of money. At less than $20 price, this is one of a particular bug zappers choice on the market today.

Pano US Plug - Mini LED Electric Mosquitoes Fly Insect Trap Night Lamp Killer Bug Zapper

As a particular bug zappers, product description:
material: plastic, circuit board
size: 4.7*2.6*1.2 inches
voltage: 110v
plug: us plug

simple to use
plug directly into an electrical wall outlet. turn it on.
small size and lightweight, easy to carry and use
do not use it during the day or in bright surroundings. because of its small size and brightness of the light can not lead to its use in the daytime.

no poisons! no smelly!! no harmful chemicals cleanliness and healt
low power consumption! high performance of the anti-mosquito
little space! the most practical solution against mosquitoes in the summer
or each living room, bed room, kitchen, balcony, chicken farm..
keep it away from children or pets.

package included:
1 x led mosquito repeller

pano hope you have a nice day!
please contact us for any questions

This pano us plug – mini led electric mosquitoes fly insect trap night lamp killer bug zapper suitable for anyone who are looking for mosquito killer with dimensions: 4.7*2.6*1.2 inches. be made of plastic and circuit boards/110v voltage. simple to use: plug directly into an electrical wall outlet, then turn it on. warning & note: let children or pets away from it. do not touch. do use a screwdriver to touch the matal plate for static electricity release before cleaning. designed for indoor use at night: living room, kitchen, bedroom, basement, enclosed garage, store, warehouse etc. save money: no need to repurchase fly paper or hazardous chemical spray bottles over and over.

It will better and most comfortable to order this bug zapper after get an opportunity to know how real consumers felt about buying this mosquito killers. During the time of publishing this pano us plug electric mosquitoes review, there have been no less than one review on some resouces. In general the review was appreciate and we give rating 3 from 5 for this pano us plug – mini led electric mosquitoes fly insect trap night lamp killer bug zapper. Reviews by individuals who already take on board this pano us plug electric mosquitoes are meaningful tip to make verdicts.

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